I staged my first art show at age eight, lining the fake wood panel walls of our dining room with colorful drawings, and selling them to my parent's friends for one dollar each. I’ve continued to pursue my love for art making as an adult, earning both a BA and an MFA in Fine Art, showing my artwork, and attempting to sell it for more than one dollar. After working day jobs in several fields, I realized I would be happier if I could find a way to be creative at work, and thought I would check out graphic design. Three years later, I’ve fallen in love with design. I get to research and learn and think and come up with interesting concepts? I get to look at colors all day and combine lines and texture and shapes and fonts? I get to put all this together to create something that will make people feel? I can’t think of a more exciting, challenging, or satisfying way to spend my time. When I begin a new design project, I’m like a puppy in the snow. I never feel more alive than when I’m creating.

Say hello! bernadettewitzack@gmail.com.