June 2017-My website is sadly not very updated. I am working on a summer project of making it much better. Please check back in August (or hopefully sooner) to see improvements! For more recent work (and an adorable cat named Jojo) please check out my instragram feed @bernadettekathleenwitzack. Thanks!

Check out this link for a review of my work in Our Lives Magazine: http://ourlivesmadison.com/article/that-which-matters/

This is an outdated creative statement, but some of it is still true!

My paintings and drawings are the result of a spontaneous, improvisational process tempered with deliberate, measured decision-making. In my art practice I explore those elements of embodied experience that we habitually suppress—the shivers of memory and uncertainty, anticipation and fear, that undermine or exceed the careful narratives we weave to construct our realities. These moments of affect constitute the very texture of daily life, yet they resist articulation and analysis. In my work I seek to capture the movement of unnamable emotions and somatic sensations and render them visible, revealed in color, texture, and form. By confronting the viewer with the ways in which the body stores and processes emotion and sense-memory, my work illuminates the subtle vibrations underlying the tacit knowledge we gain from our bodily existence in this world.

My work has been exhibited regionally and nationally. Exhibitions of note include the Portrait Society (Milwaukee), the Madison Children's Museum, the John Michael Kohler Art Center, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, the Zhou B. Arts Center in Chicago, Work Gallery in Ann Arbor, the University of Minnesota and Wayne State University.

I am currently enrolled part-time in the Graphic Design/Web Design Program at Madison College. I hope to be finished with the program in 2019.


  • 2013 MFA Fine Art, University of Michigan
  • 2008 MA Public Service, Marquette University
  • 2002 BA Studio Art, Beloit College